Our people

These are the people that make the club what it is; a place to connect and enjoy times with great food and the opportunity to get involved with the clubs' sports and other activities.

Peter Ellsmore


A long-term resident, Peter is passionate about guiding the club to a long-term profitable position for the benefit of the members and the broader community. 


"As Board Chairperson, I see my role is to maintain oversight of the Club as a whole, communicating with other board members, volunteers and staff. Most of my work is done behind the scenes, focusing on business systems and improvements and financial stability, but I also do the occasional shift behind the bar to help out".


Andy Warboys

Club Director & Web Designer

Andy is a recent local to Bundanoon (mid-2020), with his wife Kat and dog Buddy.

He wanted to make a difference to his local community and rebuilt the website (that's this one) and also creates other external communications you're likely to see about the place.

"Being on the board is a great way for me to give back to the community, I hope we'll all see some valuable changes over the coming months and years that we can be proud of".

Yvonne Boonham

Club Director

Yvonne moved to Bundanoon 8 years ago from Sydney when she and her husband retired. Yvonne has been a director of the club for 4 years and is very proud of what we have achieved in that short time.

Tim Stirton

Club Director

Growing up in Bundanoon, and now raising his own family in town, Tim has been involved with the club for many years through various sporting groups and family ties. Tim's first job was actually behind the bar at the club.


"As a director, I tend to take a more hands on approach within the club. Previous boards have done a fantastic job to get us to where we are today and I'm 100% committed to seeing the Bundanoon Club take the next step and reach its full potential, as the venue of choice for our members and broader community".

Kevin Dale

Club Director

Kevin & his wife Pam moved to Bundanoon nine years ago. Kevin has been a director of our club for four years & has a background in financial service.


"I enjoy being a part of a locally based community club"

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