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Here is a guide to installing rv solar panels by yourself?

A photovoltaic solar kit will have all the necessary elements to carry out your installation, the main ones are:

More elements to take into account in your installation.

They are not aesthetic.

They go up to the roof.

Is it necessary to homologate the solar panel installation in your motorhome or van?

The approval of a solar panel installation on your caravan, motorhome or camper will be strictly necessary if it affects the dimensions of your vehicle. Otherwise, if you exceed the dimensions of the vehicle and you do not do it, you may not pass the MOT and this could lead to the immobilization of the vehicle.

However, if you use flexible solar panels that are attached to the roof of your vehicle it is not necessary, because no structure is used for it and therefore, it does not exceed the dimensions of the vehicle.

Companies that homologate housing-vehicles

Company Description

Homolocar Company specialized in the homologation of vehicles and their components. It offers service in Burgos, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

Tuning Homologaciones Company from León specialized in the homologation of residential vehicles.

Tu homologación Madrid-based company that offers comprehensive service in the process and processing of homologations for any type of vehicle throughout Spain.

Tutuning Valencian company that processes all types of vehicle homologations.

How many license plates do I need for my vehicle?

To know the number of panels you are going to need, it is necessary to size the installation and estimate the consumption you will have in order to cover your energy needs at a reasonable price. However, it is important to take into account that the maximum number of panels will be determined by the roof of the motorhome or camper.

We calculate the estimated consumptions

50W 12V refrigerator*10 hours of consumption = 500 Wh

40W of heating* 5 hours of consumption= 200 Wh

Mobile charger (4 units) 5W* 3 hours consumption= 60 Wh

LED lighting (3 units) 5W* 5 hours of consumption= 75 Wh

To this data we would have to add the computers, televisions, etc. However, for this example we will take into account the above figures.

Estimated total consumption: 500+200+600+600+75= 835 Wh/day

With this estimate, we can start calculating the number of plates we will need. To do this, we will make the approximation of the number assuming that our panels are 100W, since they are very common in motorhomes. However, first we will have to take into account the Peak Solar Time (PST).

Calculating the available solar radiation with renogy solar power calculators Tool here.

To measure the available solar radiation in a given area we will use the Peak Solar Time (PST). The HSP is used to measure the amount of energy that your PV system will produce in a given region and is used for solar calculations of the PV modules.

We calculate the number of solar panels

Once we have the data we need, we can calculate the amount of energy that our solar panels will produce in the motorhome.

However, first we must take into account that the installation usually has a yield of 80%. For this we will multiply the obtained data by 0.8 to obtain the daily kWh with which we are going to calculate the number of solar panels that we will need in our vehicle-home.

For the estimation of our daily consumption, the ideal would be to have 3 photovoltaic panels. However, if you have limitations because the roof of your vehicle-home does not allow you to install more than 2 panels, you could cover a little more than half of your consumption thanks to the installation and the remaining amount you would have to cover with batteries or start the car and drive miles to recharge them.

In this way, we have been able to make a rough estimate to meet the energy demand. Although it is easy to make the calculation, we recommend that you contact us for advice.

What are the best solar panel kits for campers and motorhomes?

There are many brands specialized in the manufacture of kits for vans, caravans and motorhomes. Here is a selection of the best kits for these types of installations:

Where can I buy photovoltaic solar panel kits?

Nowadays, it is really easy to buy a solar panel kit thanks to the many online stores that offer this type of products. Here are some of them:

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