Winterfest Is Coming

The club is excited to be involved with Winterfest this year. As well as hosting lots of workshops over Winterfest week, the club is planning special dinners on Winterfest Eve (Friday 2nd July), Winterfest (Saturday 3rd July) and Winterfest End (Saturday 11 July).

The club has decided to open for lunch and dinner, every day in Winterfest week (except Dinner on Sunday July 4). The club will open for coffee and cake on Monday July 5, Tuesday July 6 and Wednesday July 7 from 10am. The club will have a special zoo themed kids menu for lunch on Wednesday July 7 from 12 noon and the club will have some skaters specials on the lunch menu for Friday July 9, as there are multiple skating sessions in the skate park next to the club.

Look out for Arnie's special Winterfest cocktails, the kid's winterfest fun pack and soup and sliders on the deck.

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