Updates to The Auditorium

For so long the auditorium has looked like the storage area of the club, well no more! As The Paddock continues to attract record patronage, the Club has had to consider how we can increase the number of diners and this week we have completed an update to the auditorium so it can be an overflow to dining area. We have replaced all the old vertical drapes with new block-out blinds and put in a new large smart TV. The new dining area overlooks the Bundanoon Oval.

The auditorium is a well used space. Its used for Yoga, Fitness Classes, Needles and Natter, parties, functions and meetings. The revitalised space includes a new childrens' zone (albeit with very little in it at present, due to the need for Covid safety) and a re positioned pool table. All the furniture can be easily moved to ensure the users of the space can continue to enjoy the amenity the space provides.

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